Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Motivated and back to what I do best in the gym

I had a 2013 resolution to try to shed some pounds.  Since the Boulder 70.3 I've gained 15 and as of today I have only lost 1 lb of it.  Im the heaviest ive ever been and while it doesnt really show, im certain that its not all muscle.  Granted its likely a redistribution, post Half Ironman I had a calf injury that had me inactive other than 2 times a week, I got really into running and hiking 14,000' mountains and into Mounatain biking.  My goal was to increase speed work and get a 5k pr but I ran out of nice enough weather and optimal races for that to happen.

I got back into the gym intermittently trying to get to a point where I could do Olympic lifts with higher weight without risk of injury, my core strength was one thing that hindered me in this. I went to my first 2 classes of crossfit and even though I considered myself out of shape I still was top of the class.  Maybe just because I have technique, or maybe its because crossfit gyms only have out of shape people in them?  Not sure but since then I've went back to training on my own and adding in interval type training as I see fit.

Which brings us to today.  The workout:

What it was supposed to be:   Squat x20 with body weight (169), Bench x20 with the bar at 50% BW, thrusters with bar at 30% BW. 1min rest after each round, do 4 rounds.

What I did (modified):   Squat x10 with 80% BW, Bench x10 with 50% BW dumb bells  3 rounds and then 1 min rest.  I did 2 rounds

x3R Squat x10r 135
        Bench x10r 80
Rest 1

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Boulder 70.3 Race Report

up at 4:20, bagle with pb and Nutella, water
Race site at 5:10, dark, really dark I could hardly put the tire on the bike, forgot sunscreen but borrowed some set up in TA on the end of the row, great spot (esp since ive been losing my spot in T2.

Mens pros aet 7:05 and they went off course, I waited around until 810, cold morning *65 but warmed up fast


good spot 2nd row in the middle, a little banging till I created space and then I was home free, so free I couldnt find feet for a few hundred, first turn with a little goggle leakage but no problems other than that, sighting was find, beautiful day, dont know what happened to the pros. got feet on a guy a little slower than me, started to overcome other waves lost him for a bit and caught up, but couldnt pass him because he was weaving all over the place, I should have let him have a few strikes to straighten him out!  goal was under 30 but I got 31:40


out of the water I got my wetsuit down and had a long run to T1 but I was close to bike out, pretty quick transition and no problems with the new aero helmet


First 5 miles had a neck cramp from the helmet, I was worried it was going to be a long painful ride without being able to look up or get into aero.  I had GU brew and a half bottle of water on board.  I took out the GU brew by mile 25 and traded it with a G-Perform, lap one was 1:20, 10 mins faster than in training rides.

Lap 2, first 10 miles climbing and it was def. in a lower gear but ended up being only 4 mins slower to the down hill and then same amount of time down St. Vrain.  A little cat and mouse with this one girl in PI gear and a guy with the last name Andrews.   Took gel at 15, 30, 50.  At mile 50 it was a chocolate and came right back up.  Finished strong but the last 6 miles were into the wind.


seemed like a quick transition, didnt have to go to the bath room like at Syracuse.


1. 9:05
2. 9:18
3. 9:41 (28:04)
4. 9:09 (37:14)
5. 10:04 (47:10)
6. 9:59 (57:18)
10K. 1:03:47
7.7:56 (1:05:14)
8. 9:08 (1:16:22)
9. 9:34 (1:25:57)
10. 9:26 (1:35:24)
11. 8:58 1:44:22)
12. 9:49 (1:54:11)
13. 9:19 (2:03:13)
lap 2. 1:00:35
First 5 miles I had stomach ab muscle cramps and it was getting worse.  Mile 2 I downed some warm coke and a salt tab.

Got a little juiced up by seeing my RMTC people at their volunteer ad station.  That and the start of downhill. Kept dumping ice down the front and back, and dumped water on my head walking through the aid stations.

Fist lap finished 1:04, ran through the shower and that really helped cool me off and I started feeling good, my legs started to come back under me and I got down to 9 min pace again as seen above.  Dropped down to 9:30 due to heavy hills and continuing to walk through aid stations every mile.

Mile 10, @3miles to go and started to get boody log just as I got passed by someone from my AG, I tried not to let him slip away but I didnt have another move in me to make.  Not as strong finish until 400m to go Tristen from the Roost slapped my ass, HARD.  What am I a horse?  It felt so good to be finished but as you'll know from my other Boulder races my races done finish at the line, they finish when I get back into the water and cool off!

Stayed in the water with dead legs (shuffled down the beach to the water) for about 10 mins to cool down still with sponges in my race top.  I got out and started to talk with some people, and then it hit me!! I got really white and started getting dizzy.  I think my blood pressure dropped due to the temp changes and had to sit down dumping water over me for a bit.  Then I got some food in me and started feeling better.

Swim Details Division Rank: 16 Split Name Distance Split Time Race Time Pace Div. Rank Overall Rank Gender Rank

Total 1.2 mi 31:43 31:43 1:38/100m 16 182 136

Bike Details Division Rank: 36 Split Name Distance Split Time Race Time Pace Div. Rank Overall Rank Gender Rank

Total 56 mi 2:43:47 3:17:35 20.51 mi/h 36 330 279

Run Details Division Rank: 36 Split Name Distance Split Time Race Time Pace Div. Rank Overall Rank Gender Rank

6.2 mi 6.2 mi 1:03:47 4:22:52 10:22/mi

13.1 mi 7 mi 1:00:35 5:23:27 8:43/mi

Total 13.1 mi 2:04:22 5:23:27 9:29/mi 36 339 277

Transition T1: SWIM-TO-BIKE 2:05

T2: BIKE-TO-RUN 1:30

Friday, August 3, 2012

Boulder Half Ironman Pre Race

For a half Ironman, athletes generally start to shut down their training 8 to 10 days out and begin to taper.  I, on the other hand decided to take one more weekend to increase my confidence at the distance on the bike by riding the 112 miles from Vail, CO to Aspen, CO. (Vail to Glenwood Springs 65 miles on Day 1, Glenwood Springs to Aspen 47).  While the first day was down hill, we did average 23 mph for much of it and then eased off when we figured our car support wouldnt be showing up at the same time.  The second day was a gradual uphill with 2 climbing sessions.  Post ride I did get in a T-Run if you can call it a run.  Aspen is at @8000' and my legs were pretty tired, but not trashed, and very little soreness.  My goal was to recover quickly this week and begin my taper immediately.

I took an ice bath, on Sunday.
Monday I did a light morning swim
Tuesday a short mountain bike ride at a bike demo (2 mins)
Wed 2 short 30 min runs to stretch things out
Thurs another short but higher intensity swim
Fri a short 30 min run
Sat short bike ride.

As the week progressed I got sore calfs from the running, my swim times seemed a bit slow and I just didnt feel like getting on the bike (weather produced some rain as well).  I figure in a taper week, as long as you can stay active but dont try to blow yourself up, you wont lose any fitness.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Boulder Peak 5150Last Chance

The weather in CO has been crazy lately with 100* plus days where you have to escape into the mountains or end up fried.  Then the fires started all over the state putting a haze in the air and particulates that irritate your lungs when doing outdoor activities.  I feel so bad for the people that lost their homes in CO springs, Flag Staff and Fort Collins area.  That being said I had an intense 2 week training block to get ready for the Boulder Peak Olympic Tri (my third time doing it).  As a part of the 5150 series and HyVee qualifier this was my last Chance to place within the top 15 in my age group and get into the national championships in Iowa.  I added 2 extra days to my taper and made sure that any training I did do wasnt going to be too fast paced to recover from quickly.

I was able to pick up my packet just before the skies opened up and flooded out the event site, we are talking deep 6" trenches the water left on the beach.  The forcast called for much of the same but come race day the rains stopped when transition opened at 6am. 

No longer a nuub, I used some smart thinking and avoided potentially 20+mins of lines both in the car and at the bathroom. My transition spot was 3 racks away from the swim in entrance which is where I like to be.  Running in the wetsuit and barefoot is a lot slower than in sneakers.  Transition closed at 7am and I was in the last AG wave at 8:10.  The clouds were starting to break up to show a little sun and the dense fog up on Old Stage started to dicipate.  It reminded me of when I did the Syracuse 70.3, rainy, wet and foggy.  Then I wore sunglasses, today I was prepared to wear clear lenses, but just before I left transition I switched them out as the day became a bit brighter and promising.

I must have went to the bathroom 3 times before my wave, but at least I had time to do so.  With about 10 mins to go I threw on the wetsuit and headed out on the beach at the Boulder Res.  I waded out into the water to a front position on the bouy side (the squeeze side as I call it), where I put on the goggles that had leaked on me 2 races ago (brand new 35$ goggles).  I put my face in the water to check them out and they were fine, then waited for the horn.


I started off with good  start pace, and was surprised not to be trampled right away.  I did have a few knocks, one where the guy next to me locked arms on the stroke and a few times just bumping around trying to create space.  One of the guys I was battling with was Eric from the Kompetitive Edge team (one of our tri store sponsors for Rocky Mountain Tri Club), who I've gone on a few training rides with.  I dont know what did it but all of a sudden im choked up and about to have a panic attack.  I have never felt this in a race, only in practice where I just simply stop swimming and bob there for a bit.  Since this was a race, that was not an option.  I tried to settle my breathing and keep my face out of the water a little but it wasnt working, for 200M it was just getting worse.  I then just closed my eyes and swam harder trying to get away from anyone near me and hit the open water alone.  Within a few strokes this actually worked even though my goggles had started to fog up I got back into the game and was fine.  I sighted all 7 bouys going out to the first turn, and even the next but after that it was hit and miss (my goggles cleared up a bit for some reason).  However being the last wave, there were plenty of people to sight off of instead of having to lift my head.  I swam next to one of Eric's teammates and behind this guy I knew I was faster than but couldnt seem to pass since he kept weaving all over the place.  Regardless, I was out of the water around 25 (I never stopped the watch)  (24:35- 16th/82 in my wave out of the water).  Thats a min faster than the KC 5150 on 5/20.

T1 was uneventfull except the added step of placing a gel in my pocket (I should do this under my wetsuit next time, it will be fine they are sealed and water proof).  During KC I had to come back for this.


Even though I wasnt out of breath too much before now, I got on the bike, got my feet in and then was out of breath (the first hill coming out of the first turn doesnt help much). Right away 3 people passed me including a girl.  I biked my own race though, knowing that I had to get under control before turning up Old Stage and the massive hill climb that includes some 15% incline.  I made it to the hill about 2 mins later than I had in training and started hammering up while in the saddle for as long as I could.  In training I could do it with some great cadence seated, but today it was slow, out of the saddle and lacking in either coordination or power.  While I was out of breath, I wasnt gasping like previous years. 

While on the climb there were a few interesting sightings to deter your focus.
-Old lady in front of her house in her bathrope with nothing on under neath.  Confirmed, Eric saw the goods.
-The pick up that Ironman employee Jess had driven into a ditch that was teedering on 2 wheels. Pictures or it didnt happen!

Post summit you get a water station (aka, a sip of electrolite drink before you have to ditch it because you dont have a holder for it), and a nice 35mph speed limit the first mile even though you can easily get up over 45,  I've been at 48 myself but that was on a dry, clear day with the road to myself.  Anything over this limit and you get an automatic DQ, no questions.  I was able to pass that girl back and leave her there. After the line though, I hammered except for one turn that just didnt look right to me.  A guy behind me rolled up along side me and without saying anything we took the turn in parrallel and he commended me on my choice to slow down right there and not killing us both.  We then played a little cat and mouse before he just took off on me as the hill leveled out close to Rt 36.   You get about 8 miles of downhill for your earlier efforts, this is the fun part!  I was passing stragglers but no one in my age group.  People really have to learn to stay right, some dumb asses were riding right in the middle of our lane and its not even a closed course!

I was surprised how late in the ride I was still feeling strong and not like I just wanted to get off the bike.  The first showing of my training efforts.  I came into the second to last turn basically in a peleton boxed in, but when I saw an opening I reminded myself that it was a race and that a downhill was coming up so I agressivly passed them.  Of course the last remaining hill, they got me back somehow (3 guys).  I pulled into T2 7 mins later than I had wanted, again I didnt stop the watch to see what it was exactly.  Its strange that the event I spent the most time and money on have yeilded the least results.  I wouldnt change it though, my tri bike was a great purchase, fits great and is an absolutely amazing bike (maybe not set up the best gearing wise for Old Stage).


No I was too busy avoiding people stopped at the dismount line (no flying dismount this time, no room), and trying to find my area.  For some reason I ran past it and couldnt find it, wasting at least 20 sec.


I got out on the run course relaxed and ready to gun down anyone within striking distance.  In the first mile I passed 2 people from my age group, second mile repeated that again.  By mile 3 at the turn around I had 6 people passed from my age group and spotted a guy that I marked for passing.  There were stations just about every mile and while I didnt take in any cals I did dump water on my head at every one of them and take a alt (water/powerade) drink at all but 2 of them.  Mile 4 my legs started locking up and every step was painful in the quads.  My calves were burning.  I felt like I had a collapsed right lung but somehow kept passing people.  At mile 5 I took a quick look back, I was not about to be sniped today.  Especially seeing how I didnt know what place I was in at all.  Ill try to figure it out on a story board knowing that I left the water in 16th.  I somehow managed a kick the last 600m, gasping for air like I was at the finish of the BB10k.  The guy that I had marked to pass ended up being 40 so he wasnt even in my age group, but he was running with a guy that was.  That made 6 or 7 on the run.  The next guy ended up being 40 seconds ahead.

Mile splits:

I finished 25th out of 82 in my age group, no where near top 15 both in place and time.  Even with my goal paces totaling a 2:26 finish I still would have only placed 19th.  It is dissappointing but at the same time I had shown huge improvement both over last year and over the Kansas City race, and its hard to belittle a 7:48min course PR.  Boulder is pretty competative and I placed 42nd last year.  I got word that 5150 may not have enough people for HyVee and they may start doing a roll down from previous races.  So there is a chance with my 18th place finish at KC, but its a small chance.

For now its a few days rest and then ramp up and start loging some major miles to get ready for the Boulder 70.3 Half Ironman 8/5/12 for some unfinished buisness and to take my DNF off the boards!


S: 24:35 pace 1:39/100m  203 OA/ 16 Div
T1: 2:04 (15th out of T1)
B: 1:20:45  speed 19.4 419 OA/42 Div  (30th off the bike)
T2: 1:33  (31st out of T2)
R: 44:18 pace 7:09 240 OA/ 26 Div  (Finished 25th)

2:33:15 25th out of 82
261 over all
225/724 men

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kansas City 5i50 Triathlon

Struggling through some relationship issues the week before, just getting to the start line of this race was truely the hardest test.  I made the 9 hour drive across boring Kansas alone and tried to refocus my energy to the task at hand, qualifying for the Ironman 5i50 HyVee Championships.  My mission was to place in the top 15 in my age group.  Other than that, I was extremely excited for this race, my 3rd Olympic distance race and my first one at lower altitude (first 2 were Boulder Peak 5i50 2010,2011). 

I broke up the drive from Denver with a stop in Salina, KS at a 60$ hotel.  You definitely get what you pay for as far as hotels go, but sometimes you're so tired you can sleep anywhere.  My morning run yeilded an increased pace of 1min/mile at the same percieved effort, so things were looking and feeling good going in.

I got to packet pick up just as they opened at the race site (Long Lake in Lee Summit, MO) 1pm,  I guess a lot of other people just wanted to get it out of the way also, because a long line had quickly formed.  The weather was unsettled, windy with a mix of rain and sunshine.  There is always a fear that things arent going to be organized and to be honest I dont know how they put together any race of 1400 athletes with any amount of success.  So when things didnt really run smoothly at packet pick up I became a little leary about race day, kind of like being all in on a pair of threes.

After pick up I drove back into Kansas City to get a tour of Boulevard Brewery and find a store that stocked beers from one of my favorites.. Vermonts own, Magic Hat Brewery. BLVD's tour didnt really compare well with CO front range breweries, I guess we get a little spoiled.  To be honest it was the first brewery I have ever been to that didn't smell like barley and hops.  Even a comparable (in the sense that its also soley a pack and deliver kind of brewery) place like Coors can be smelled for miles around Golden.

After my free samples of beer I headed back to Lee Summit where I stayed in the Fairfield Inn about 9 miles from the race site.  This place was much nicer with an amazing breakfast (which I couldn't partake in due to it starting at 7am and me checking out at 5am).  I did another check of my bike and equipment, added all the necessary stickers and went through my goody bag.  It was then that I realized that I had no timing chip, apparently unlike most races they give them to you on race morning after body marking (Syracuse 70.3 did this also).  They figure it would save you the 25$ replacement fee, but for me it was just one more thing to worry about on race morning.  After all a nervous brain doesn't exactly make all the right decisions all the time.

Swim route on Longview Lake Kansas City, MO
                                          Last wave of the day (not my wave)

Crazy weekend, I hope to never have to drive KS again. I went to Boulevard Brewery, Race went off without a hitch though, weather was just about perfect. I didnt get the best swim starting position so it was a fight for the first 200m, then my goggles fogged up and I swam pretty much blind the rest of the way. It was a counter clockwise route instead of the usual clockwise so I was breathing on the wrong side to be able to see. My wave had some fast guys in it and we overtook not only the wave infront of us but some straglers in the one in front of that as well so it again was a battle the whole way. I ended up almost drowning a girl because my hand got stuck in her goggle strap. I got out of the water like 11th with a 3 min pr on that distance. Long run to transition and my bike for a 2 loop bike course of rolling hills and a little wind. I put up a good fight and got passed by 3 guys (dont know if they were in the same race or not though since the sprint race was on the same course 30 mins later and they only did one lap).

                                            (I was about half the distance closer to the Bike out gate but this gives you an idea of how large transition was.  Run out was behind this guy and then looped past transition again).

I took the run out pretty conservatively, my legs were burning and locking up and I didnt want to totally blow up. No one passed me on the run from my AG. I got 18th, wanted to be top 15 so I was about 2 mins away from that but still had a great race and couldnt see improving on the day more than one min.  Maybe next time.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Platte River Half 2012

Distance HALF MAR
Chip Time 1:35:44
Overall Place 129 / 2409
Gender Place 101 / 988
Division Place 20 / 151
Age Grade 61.9%
Pace 7:19
Pace 7:19

I went out sub 7 min pace and was holding strong until mile 10.  Happy with a huge PR at this distance but I think I have a lot more room for improvement.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Boulder Sunset Tri Recap

I slept in but woke up with a nervous stomach. Today we were back to the days of waiting around all day until your competition just like when I was on the Track team in college.

My wave wasnt until 2pm and the transition area didnt open up until 12:30. I left the house and packed up the car around 12. My car was pretty far in the lot at home so I mounted my bike to get to it a little faster and save the legs. However, when I shifted the gears, the chain fell off and I went down to the ground. Not something you want to happen just before a race. The bike was ok, but I had fallen on my injured wrist and it was now sore and throbbing. The show must go on.

There wasnt much traffic getting into the race site at the Boulder Reservior, but then again this was a small race. I had trouble finding my zone in the TA, and when I did I was not all that excited about my spot about the middle of a row, 3 rows from the end not close to any out/in's. I was all set up and ready to go by 1:30 and sought out some shade to wait.

To my surprise the first waves almost went off on time (only 5 mins late). Why you would have the Olympic distance athletes go off before the Sprint ones is beyond my intellegance obviously. This was to be my last tri this season and I really wanted to put up some great splits, minimize my mistakes and end with a bang.

I raced again without a wetsuit, the water was a little chilly but on the cusp of needing a wetsuit. At this point im not sure the time you save in TA not having a wetsuit is worth the effort and speed you lose not having one on the swim. The positives may outweigh the negatives.

I started toward the front and right and it was a battle for at least 300m, and on top of that the water was a chop fest due to the Boulder afternoon winds. I tried to find open water and swung wide at the first turn. By the second turn my goggles had fogged up and I was attacking the beach blind. On top of that we started to overtake some of the slower Olympic athletes and I was just hoping the few people I spotted in my wave were going the right way (one I ended up letting go bc he was well off target).

I got out of the water with a 15:30 and was hoping for something more around 12 (like ive been hitting in practice and time trials), right behind my friend Dan who I've never seen on a swim so I knew something was up. I passed him before we got to TA offering words of encouragement as we located our bikes. I was strapped and unracked in less than a min. and not really out of breath from the swim like normal.

With the transmission problems that had come to light already this morning I knew I had to be concious of what I was doing on the bike when shifting. I went out strong on the gradual uphill but with the wind. By mile 7 my legs were showing sign of fatigue that I didnt have a week prior on the same course. Legs, who can ever understand them? I was passed by 2 guys right off and was in what I thought was 5th position until getting passed by 2 more at mile 14. One of which was a heavy set fella that I reconized passing me in prior races. You have to stay in control and remember that there are a lot of competitors out there that can hammer on the bike but cant even lift those treetrunk legs to run! Again the bike leg was a battle the whole way and it seemed like other than a short stretch in the begining, I was into the wind the whole way. I was able to find comfort though, which I kind of see as a weakness since you're supposed to be hammering on the bike, cranking away and suffering. That I was not.

I came into the dismount already out of my shoes, leg over the sattle and hands off the breaks. I was going to do this with some pace. I jumped off the still moving bike and broke out into almost full sprint to match the speed, the crowd cringed as they tried to forsee the oncoming fall, but I didnt fall I had a great ITU dismount like a champ and the crowd applauded my efforts as I made my way to the rack. Some jerk had left his wetsuit right in the middle of the row so I had to try to avoid that but I was still on a mission to catch a few of those guys who had passed me on the bike.

Having a great T2 aided in my venture as I gained some ground and had them in my sights within the first 800m. It wasnt long after that that I had passed 2 of the 4 guys on my list. The 3rd was about 50m in front of me, who at the first mile mark had stopped to tie his shoe and stare me down the whole time. I wasnt able to gain any ground on him after he got going again with fear. Its tough bing the chased and I knew exactly what he was feeling. At the turn around I could see him pick up the pace and I gradually did the same picking up a few steps over the next mile and a half. With 1000m to go he kept looking back and I knew Id be able to catch him. At my useual land mark with 800m to go I started my finish kick and passed him without any fight at all. For good measure I kept increasing my speed and put some ground between us (at the last turn I saw that I was at least 60m up on him). It turned out that my new position was the final podium spot and 3rd in our age group! Lesson learned.

overall place: 14 out of 255
division place: 3 out of 21
gender place: 13 out of 127
time: 1:31:42
pace: 0:
swim: 16:23
t1: 1:01
bike: 51:18
t2: 0:46
run: 22:16

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Boulder Run Series Pearl St Mile

I have to leave work an hour early in order to make it from Denver to Boulder in time for bib pick up and having been down to the Pearl St Mall area before I know that parking is limited. I bring my bike, park a few blocks away and save my energy as I coast to the start line.

WTC and Run Boulder stepped it up a knotch this year with athlete goodies including a thermois, a pint glass and tech shirt with race logos, as well as bib numbers with our names or nick names on them.

After Berry Siff and team Timex led the kids warm up the Mascott race was under way. I have no idea how these people were able to run 500m in 96*+ temps while in hot costumes. Its so fun to watch. I aspecially liked when Chip the CU mascott stole the raffle bike half way through to try to cheat his way to the win.

The Competitive women's wave went off at 7:10 and to be honest this is where I belonged, they were running times closer to what I expected to run. The winner ran a 4:55. I remember watching my friends roll in around 5:30 last year and this was my goal. Not only that, it was time to return the Wagner Mile annual challenge. Originally unnamed but every year around 9/11 since 2001 I've toughed out a mile time trial to see what I've got and assess my fitness. I left off with a 5:19 in 2008 but did have a 5:09 in 2003. My PR in the mile is from 1998 at 4:46 and I have no idea where that came from. The Wagner mile is named after Wagner College, the venue for which a challenge developed when I started to run my mouth of how I could just pick up and run a sub 5:30 mile any time. And thats what I call fit or "in shape". Well that year 2007 I went out too hard the first 800 (somewhere around 2:20) and ended up having to stop when a lingering calf injury resurfaced. It was pretty embarassing at the time since the whole Wagner College T&F team was there to watch. A few days later I ran a 5:45 just to say I accepted the challenge and put a time on the board.

Until now my best mile time trial at altitude has been 5:59 done on the Boulder HS track, so needless to say I didnt really know how this race was going to pan out. I also didnt know if id be able to once again be in a position to not only beat the Wagner challenge but to do it at altitude.

I toed the line after a few striders positioned about 3 rows back with 60 stud Boulder elites, and skinny xc looking guys. The horn sounded and instantly I was passed by half the field as we wound through the down town streets of the Boulder Mall area. I stayed with a more aggressive running form, higher knees, more forward lean and a toe to midfoot strike passing the half way mark with a 2:26 split which blew my mind. I looked at that with disbelief but knew full well that much of that came from the slight downward slant that would be followed by a late uphill battle on the return.

There was a bit of cat and mouse as some runners began to fade and I started to accelerate to my perpritary finishing kick. I was gasping for air like a fish out of water. I made the final turn on 14th where a massive crowd crept into the street almost so much that I couldnt see the finish. I looked down at my watch at 5:06 and caught a glimps of the finish and decided to go for it! I clocked a hand time of 5:27 and was awarded a 5:29 chip time. I had done it! and really didnt think I had it in me with the few track/speed workouts I've done.

Post race I had developed a nice smokers caught that will undoubtibly be with me for the next few days like when I used to run the 400m indoors in High School. After a short cooldown I accepted an invite to the Newton Running Lab in Boulder for their Race Team announcement party- Team Alchamy.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Cherry Streak Tri Write Up

4th out of the water, 3rd out of transition so in 3rd place before the turn around incident.

Started 40 mins late (shuttle)
TA stones
TA water buckets

Swim long?
Transition straight up a hill
Timing mat not right out of water (and some people cut the course)

Turn around not well marked
Cracks everywhere in pavement
Not closed course so a boat cut in front of me

Run not well marked
Paths were horrible
People allowed to cut the course and no DQ
Finish was on an uphill

Food wasnt ready for an hour after finishing
Awards were 3 hours after finishing

Timing was all messed up
Bike was more like 10.5 rather than 11 miles anyway

In short, everyone has a bad race but this was me having a good race and the organization of the race director had a huge effect on my outcome.  You see pros swim off course due to a floating marker bouy, you see leaders in a race take wrong turns (they should have known the course) but when a turn around isnt marked how am I to know the scale of a hand drawn map they had posted online??  What did you do when you took a wrong turn during a race?

9 2/11 7/77 15:35 2:05 0:58 34:56 18.9 0:47 22:06 7:22 1:14:19
overall div swim pace T1 Bike pace T2 Run Pace Time

Saturday, July 23, 2011


With all the recent crashes during the Tour de France I guess I decided to follow suit. Out on a training ride on a route that I've never taken before I found myself at a y split on a path. It was paved kind of funky and with the narrow width of my tires the bike got stuck in a crack while I continued to turn the opposite way.

On the way down I clipped out my left foot and tried despirately to catch myself but as you know hard plastic on concrete offers no traction. I slide out hitting the ground hard as my right leg finally clipped out. My front cog dug into the back of my leg as the chain popped off. I laid there stunned at what just happend and even though I wasnt going more than 10 mph I was in pain. I took a moment to assess and gather myself, I couldnt believe that just happend. I hadnt fallen hard off a bike in years, not like this. My left wrist used in catching my fall hurt the most and began to swell. My left glute took a hit as well but I could stand and better yet I could ride.

This was only hours after a short ride to the store where a bee collided into my face and held on. By the time I was able to swat him off he had already somehow crawled under my sunglasses and stung me hard! I can barely describe to you how painful this is, your eye first begins to tear just before it swells shut. The initial sting starts to grow as the toxins spread.

I've had a chance to talk with others who've went down while on their bikes. One of the first things they say as their picking stones out of their wounds is "man I'm glad I wasnt on my TT bike." I was even saying this as I reset the chain and assessed the damages.

I finished my ride and went home to ice down my now swollen wrist. On of the worst injuries you can have in CO since almost every activity involves a wrist. Hoping for a speedy recovery but not sure how much damage was done.